Monday, February 18, 2013

Pamparomas, Ancash

With vacaciones utiles (summer school) in full swing, it's been hard for me to do things like blog or  escape my site, but I did make a pretty neat day trip over to Pamparomas.

Pamparomas is a small town 3 hours away from mine on the other side of the Cordillera Negra.  I've been curious about this little pueblo for a while, and decided i should go check it out before the rains get too bad, and I'm glad I did. I think the videos speak for themselves; however, it may help if you keep in mind the following things. It at about 10,000 feet, You can see the coast from the town's plaza,  and while in the sierra with lots of traditional quechua people, it has a very interesting coastal open/warm friendly feeling to it.

The video and photo documentation doesn't do the whole trip justice, but I gave it my best shot. Enjoy:

Looking towards the Cordillera Blanca as we headed up over the Cordillera Negra.

Santa Cruz Mountain. 

Passing through Alta Huata. 

Another look at Santa Cruz.

Our steady steed. 

Me in the clouds of the Cordillera Negra. 

A small chapel we passed by on our way to Pamparomas. 

A path I took through some cacti. 

Above the clouds looking towards the Pacific. 

I'm not sure what exactly this shelter is/was, but it was near some ruins. 

Again looking to the west coast. 

Story book mountains in the mist. 

Sunset as I return to the town after my hike. 

The town of Pamparomas at night.

And now for the videos:

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Roger every once and awhile surprises me and does something spontaneously family orientated for his family. This last event was deciding to take his family to Chancos the local hot springs 1.5 hours away. I was impressed as this meant he need to ask for a day off work from the restaurant, pay for combi fares to and from the hot springs, food, and the entrance fees. This would be the equivalent of a middle class family in the states taking a week long trip to Disneyland or Disney World (obviously we're working on a different scale here). I did my duty and brought my camera, so here's the pics:

The family was pretty impressed with this sun dial, once the concept was explained to them. 

L to R: Dina, Karen (neighbor girl), Yeferson, Yordan, and Roger. 

Cate made it too. 

Roger and Dina at the entrance. They came here once before 10 years ago at the start relationship. 

Yeferson, Dina and Keren at the pool. 

Roger observing, and Yordan in the far distance too scared to swim. 

Yeferson in not the cleanest water ever. 

Cate in the towel trying to get Yordan to try out the pool. 

Karen and I in the deep end. 

Yordan in protest mode. 

Me doing the big brother thing, and forcing Yeferson to the deep end.

He survived and eventually enjoyed it. 

Cate was eventually successful in getting Yordan into the pool. I think , he out of everyone enjoyed it the most. 


Even Dina got in. She was pretty scared at first, but eventually settled in. 

Group shot. L to R: Dina, Cate, Yordi, and Karen. 

Yordi and Cate playing with Karen looking on. 

He's not actually alone. Cate is just submerged while holding him. 

Yeferson preferred the shallow end. 

After a couple of hours, the boys were frozen. 

Time to dry off and eat lunch. 

A fun time was had by all, just look at Yordi's smile. 

Thanks for the track jackets.

Here's the boys in their new track jackets (shout out to mom). Two interesting things related to this is: 1, I think the boys fall in love with whatever the latest piece clothing they receive from the states, as they don't tend to take it off until at least week after receiving it (I swear, they wore their PJs for almost a month straight... Shout out to Jill); 2, Roger gets really jealous when the boys get something cool and he doesn't. I've been watching him eyeing Yeferson's jacket with obvious envy.

These pictures remind me a lot of any picture taken of Adam or I in the mid to late 90's a track suits were all the rave. 

Swimming in the Rio Santa

Although I may regret it in the future when I grow a third eye or glow in the dark, I went swimming in the Rio Santa and really enjoyed it. I feel that the pollution from the mines above gave my skin a nice chemical scrub and now I'm looking forward to the next hot day so I can have an excuse to do it again (it really reminded me of summer trips down the Blackfoot... ah summer days in Montana).

The river is surprisingly deep and fast, but we found a nice safe spot where Yeferson and I wouldn't get swept away while Cate swam. Here are a few pictures:

Cate and Yefer at the rock over-looking the rio.

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Switching looks (Yeferson being Mr. Cool).

Me testing the waters. It was cold. 

The rock is the objective. 

Made it. 

I got pretty burnt right after this... the sun was strong.

Yefer and Cate chilling on the rock.

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Risked the camera for this great shot. 

The white water was actually pretty strong.

Looking to the north, Cate and Yeferson are looking to the South.

Have to say it was a good day.