Mailing Information-Cell Phone

Personal letters and packages between Volunteers and their family and friends must be sent via regular international mail, which will probably take longer than U.S. domestic mail. If you're up to sending me something, please send it to:

Brice Corts, PCV
277 Casilla Postal 277
Serpost Huaraz, Ancash
Peru, South America

* Please don't send anything over 100 dollars and DO NOT claim it's value as being over 100 dollars.
* Envelopes seem to make it through better than boxes.
* Packages with religious symbols and red ink on the outside are reported to have a better success rate.


I now also have a cell phone here in Peru (thanks to PC). Its too expensive for me to call out, but I can receive texts and calls but don´t feel obligated... I´m sure it costly to send me a text.

Email me for the number.